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Ramp Gallery curator talks to Media Arts students about ‘The Bloggs’ by Nicola Jackson.

Media Arts summer school students have been wowed by Nicola Jackson’s “The Bloggs”. The exhibition – which explores human anatomy and the intersection between science, psychology and art history – is currently on show at Ramp Gallery.  The gallery is full to the brim with bright paintings, sculptures, furniture and objects, all crafted by Jackson in an immersive installation that becomes a walk-in ‘cabinet of curiosities’. The experience raised several questions amongst the class, who are studying visual arts practice, from “what is the artist influenced by?”, to “what are the sculptures made of” and “when can I see it again?”.   Following the gallery visit we asked the group to reflect on their experience and here’s what they had to say:

“It gave me ideas for my current project along with future things to think about regarding the utilisation of a gallery space.”

“It was super interesting to see the gallery without plain white walls and it let me know that you can do what you want, there are no restrictions. ”

“It has given me ideas to ruminate on and introduce to my work.”

“It has helped us think in a different perspective on art.”

“I learnt that I shouldn’t afraid to use so much colour. It’s OK to add or take away and make things your own.”

“It has given me ideas to ruminate on and introduce to my work.”

“This was the first time I’ve been to Ramp and it definitely won’t be the last.”

“Really good, unlike anything I’ve seen before.”

“It gave me a lot to think about regarding the presentation of my work.”

The Bloggs by Nicola Jackson is open at Ramp Gallery from the 22 Jan – 21 Feb, 2018 with an artist talk and closing party to come.

Nicola Jackson: The Bloggs was first shown at Dunedin Public Art Gallery from 18 Mar – 5 Jun, 2017.

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10 Lessons on Creative Integrity from Areez Katki

10 Lessons on Creative Integrity from Areez Katki
Areez Katki is a Persian-born, independent textile practitioner based in Auckland, New Zealand. He specialises in creating pieces of knitwear & apparel that are locally crafted by hand. Each body of work is carefully researched and the materials he uses are considered, ethically sourced and are limited editions. Areez considers himself as an object maker and craftsperson, having worked with his hands since the age of 9. Areez has developed a creative practice that places emphasis on maintaining integrity of originality, developing ideas from a range of sources and working symbiotically with other makers.
We were excited to have him join our #MediaArtsWintec fashion class for a guest lecture as part of Ramp Gallery’s public programme.  Areez has work in the current exhibition ‘Beauty is in the Street’.  You can check out more details of this work or get details of upcoming artist talks at Ramp Gallery.
Here are 10 things we learnt from Areez’s talk:
1.    There is no rule book, it’s all about intuition and compromise.
2.    Research is important. Derive inspiration from the things around you, from sculpture, buildings, history, trees, a cane chair.
3.    Fossick through shops, family history, through wardrobes.
4.    Travel, explore and document, there is so much inspiration to be found outside of one’s comfort zone.
5.    Embrace playfulness in your creative process, ideas, colour, line can develop into something meaningful.
6.    Collaborate. “Collaboration can work in your favour when you are a young practitioner.”
7.    Draw. It can often be playful and ideas can form out of blank spaces of your mind. “I often embrace this meditative state and ideas flow from this continued practice.”
8.    History is a place to draw inspiration from.
9.    Stop competing and help each other. Embrace symbiotic relationships with other creatives. Be helpful, offer advice and nurture one another.
10.  Look for inspiration outside the internet. Contextualise, document your research, record your experiences and acknowledge your sources. Make work that has meaning.
Thanks again to Areez Katki for sharing his words of wisdom. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with his amazing work! See more of his collections on his website. 
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