Design graduate heads to New York

Raewyn Brandon

New York – concrete jungle where dreams are made? Media Arts Graphic Design graduate Raewyn Brandon hopes so. She’s just secured a 6-month internship with Behance Network, a popular online portfolio platform which helps creative professionals share their work, and is excited about the opportunity. “It will be awesome meeting new people and exploring a new city!”

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Raewyn first applied for the internship via the Behance website, and happened to get chatting to the company founder a few days later. “He offered for me to pop by if I was ever around, and I proposed my extreme interest in the internship position. Four days later, it was confirmed that I was going to New York! “ She leaves on February 17th and will start the internship three days later.

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Raewyn has been a fan of the Behance website for some time and uses it regularly to show her own work. Her profile has gained traffic over the last month, and also opened up lots of other opportunities and connections with people in the industry, she says. “I am constantly getting emails from using Behance. It’s great hearing positive feedback about your work.”

She is particularly looking forward to working on the branding for the ‘99% Conference’, an event run by Behance. “It’s crazy to think that I will be a part of a company and brand that I have always looked up to. It will be awesome to see the roll-out of the conference and experience the whole thing! I also can’t wait to simply be in New York.”

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The last months of the Bachelor of Media Arts degree were a study highlight for Raewyn. “Although it was hard out and crazy busy, I loved the last little bit of the course – all the late nights with my friends and exciting preparation for the end of year exhibition!” She enjoyed being able to show family and friends the fruit of her labours at that final showcase exhibition.

Those who are creative for the love of it are Raewyn’s main inspiration. “People and companies like Behance who love what they do and have a passion from deep down inspire me. As for my future, this opportunity has widened my perspective and pushed my dreams even further then I thought I could go. I hope to own my own graphic design company one day, maybe even in New York.”

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